Isn't it time

to create


in your LIFE?



Isn't it time

to create


in your LIFE?



It starts with YOU! I know, you're rolling your eyes because they all say that, but let me ask you:

Are you ready to live in total INTEGRITY and CONGRUENCE between the person you HOPE to be and how you show up every day? 

What is the impact of PLAYING SMALL?

what MORE even looks like, but you know you're ready for it.


You know you want to, “Ahem”, need to make a greater impact and stop playing so damn SMALL because it literally feels like you’re missing the whole point of your life, your reason, your purpose. 


And while you’re running on fumes, chasing your tail, spinning in the hamster wheel, you know - without a doubt - that you were meant to pursue something extraordinary.


That voice telling you not to throw in the towel yet?

It's time to start listening.


You’re at this crossroads and you know it's time to lean in but OMG, you’re terrified.


You know your life has a purpose


You feel like a fraud and a fake because your outward self doesn't match your inner thoughts and feelings. You're not confident and you don't feel worthy of investing in yourself.

You’re losing hope that you can change the course of your life, so instead you close your eyes and pray for a sign.  

But it always feels so far away. 

And then, you realize:



What if you wake up every day knowing...

    • Your attitude is determined by you
    • Your purpose will transform lives
    • Your inspired (and brave) action will help so many people
    • Your story is your message. Speak it. 
    • Your body is brilliant, not broken
    • Your mission needs you to step up

What if you go to bed every night knowing ...

    • You didn't play small
    • You have no regrets or guilt
    • You made a difference
    • You made fear your friend 
    • You led with confidence and certainty
    • You loved your tribe well
    • You are strong in mind + body

By the end of this program, you'll:

  • Experience Freedom in ANY area of your life 
  • Know the difference between ego and intuition
  • Know your body's voice of wisdom
  • Overcome the mental blocks keeping you in the past
  • Be confident and worthy of who you are, in all areas of your life
  • Identify and Accept yourself (fully), even the mistakes and failures
  • Activate leadership skills for all areas of your life
  • Take action, know Achievement and Accomplishment again
  • Build a life around your Purpose
  • Be Congruent and live with Integrity
  • Release the shame, regret and guilt from not feeling good enough

I'm a Doctor and Healer

An Owner and CEO

A Mom and Wife


Those are big roles to experience over the last 15 years and thank goodness, my vision is supported and upheld, even when sacrifice is required. In building and sustaining one of the top Chiropractic practices in the world, I realize what it takes to create a life of extraordinary meaning.

Working with tens of thousands of people over the last 15 years, unleashing your brilliance is my gift. There is a system, a process to follow, one that I've used myself and with thousands of women just like you. I've created the T.R.U.S.T. model and it's the foundation to the 3 Personal Pillars: Identify, Acceptance and Living out your Purpose. 

Now the spotlight is on you, just Decide.

Decide today that the most meaningful work you can do is on YOU. 

Here's what you're going to get:

♥♥♥ Inside of the Unleashed Program

 IMMEDIATE Access to the Unleashed Academy ($7500 Value)

 Private Access to Dr. Tiffany

2x/Month Zoom Group Coaching Calls

♥ Weekly Facebook Trainings

♥ Weekly Facebook QnA

♥ Quarterly Zoom 90-Day Strategy Sessions

 Exclusive Facebook Community

Accountability and Support from Advisors



Inside the Unleashed Academy BONUS

 Actionable Trainings with Videos + Workbooks 

 Bonus Trainings

 Mindfulness + Meditation Audios

 Yoga Videos

New trainings released MONTHLY!



12 monthly payments




Save 10% with this option


Hi I'm Dr. Tiff


Being a Chiropractor and CEO of one of the largest single-doc practices in the world, Healing Touch Chiropractic, I’ve witnessed MILLIONS of transformations. It’s all inside of you, waiting to be unleashed. Your body, your life, your business is not broken.  It's actually brilliant, it's doing exactly what you've told it to do for years.


So let’s rewrite your story, eh? Rewrite, Reprogram and Reactivate the mind and make the impact you were called to make.


Your body is brilliant. It’s made to heal. Your path and purpose has already been determined and your job is to uncover it. 


That, my friend, is your destiny, your CALLING.


And I will help get you there.


Your path is in front of you, it's for you to uncover along this journey. I will help curate your best life - one that you are totally proud of, one that becomes your legacy.


This is perfect for you if:

  • You know your life has a purpose, but you’re not living it - and that's no longer a place you're willing to stay.
  • You are stuck on the fence (aka indecision) and you’re at a standstill - and you're so ready to make the leap.
  • You want more. And you’re ready to drown out those voices saying you’re selfish, greedy, and self-centered.
  • You are catching yourself making excuses for your “less than ideal life” and you're ready to stop making them.
  • You think you're doing all the right things, but your results have plateaued. You don’t know how to fix it - but you know you're ready.
  • You know that tomorrow won’t be any different if you don’t make a change today - and that's no longer an option for you.

You’ve got that pit in your stomach, your palms are sweating, you know this is exactly what you need but you’re sooooo scared. Now, in that “OMG I really need to do this, but…” is where the answers lie.

Safe and Comfortable are the scariest places to be.

Even when fear tries to talk you out of taking action, just do it. Your wobbly legs, heart racing, tummy twirling self will thank you. 


Be honest with yourself: is your life less than purposeful? You can REWRITE it, now!

Do you KNOW that there's more, you can feel the nudge yet you don't know what to do? You can CREATE it, now!  


Just Decide That...

...and create something extraordinary.



Dr. Tiffany has been a powerful and positive influence in my life for a good 10 years. Her no-nonsense and no-excuses approach to life is what we all need, when we need that occasional kick in the pants and/or jump start! When it’s time to make a serious shift in your life, you can count on Dr. Tiffany to help navigate that new terrain!

Kellee Hann

Thank you so much for providing your time and energy to provide me with the tools to change my life. This has been a challenging yet extremely rewarding and life - changing experience. And it's only just the beginning ... I feel like my world is opening up to new possibilities because of the shift that is taking place inside of me. Thank you for seeing something in me that I couldn't see myself.

Amanda Stapp

Over the past few years I’ve been mentored and coached by Tiffany in a few different settings including workshops, group coaching and engagement in her online community. I compare my experiences with her to a really good personal growth book. You know the kind. One of those books that as you are reading it, you think to yourself that once you finish the last page you should just start right over at the beginning. Each and every time you read the pages, you find another nugget of wisdom. Another quote that makes you realize you aren’t alone in this crazy world. One more tool you can use in your every day life to help you feel more centered. That’s what learning from Tiffany is like, I just keep coming back for more. Following her advice has helped me develop into a better mom, wife, business person, friend and woman. When I’m actively learning from her I have more clarity and confidence. She has challenged me to face my past, create a vision for my future and live in the present. Her leadership and guidance have helped me become just a smidge better version of myself, each and every day. And to top it off, she’s hilarious and real, what more could you ask for?!

Steph Lauritsen


Are you ready to take that “I’m Made for More” mantra and step into your DREAM?


Are you ready to create a “You Know What Would Be Crazy” life, full of FREEDOM? 


Are you ready to leave the imposter syndrome behind once and for all?


Are you ready to make an IMPACT and pursue something extraordinary?


→ Are you ready to scale your business and STOP playing small?


Are you ready to take that “I’m Made for More” mantra and step into your DREAM?


Are you ready to create a “You Know What Would Be Crazy” life, full of FREEDOM? 


Are you ready to leave the imposter syndrome behind once and for all?


Are you ready to make an IMPACT and pursue something extraordinary?


→ Are you ready to scale your business and STOP playing small?