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There is no glass ceiling in your life, so it’s time to stop putting barriers around yourself. 

JUMP, all the way in. It can be scary, no doubt. But, it’s the only way to experience what you need to, to get to where you want to. 

I am talking about that..

 all in, leap of faith.

To move quickly, dare greatly, stand out — you have to increase your pace and up your game. When things become immediately apparent, visible, and unpredictable, you can feel that big shift everywhere! Hell to the yes!

 You are going to learn how to...

Collapse Time To Get Faster Results

Find & Speak Your Truth

Align The Energetics of Money, Impact and Influence


July 27-29th, 7pm CST


Do you have the desire, in every part of you to do BIG things? Then do them!

When we make a difference, we feel more worthy. 

When we help people, we feel more alive. 

When we pave the way, we feel connected to a greater purpose.

All of this, because we decided to power through fear and went all in. Not a hop, or skip...but a giant freaking LEAP. 

Haven’t been there before? You can be. It’s there for everyone. It’s a mindset - a vibration - a belief - a being-ness that will get you there. 

Keep going, motion creates progress. Progress creates momentum. And momentum builds a following. 

What’s stopping you? Well, let’s get real. You are stopping you. 

No more. You are meant for greatness, for living a life of meaning and abundance. So it’s time LEAP! Right now, because the boldest and best version of yourself has been waiting for too long. She’s ready, and I know you are too!


It's time to up your game, increase visibility in your life, and create that BIG SHIFT. What are you waiting for? 

This 3 Day LIVE program is housed in a private Facebook Group. 

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Facebook Group

This is a private group JUST for The Leap. 



Tiffany is so much more than a Chiropractor, she truly heals you from the inside out with an approach of growing my mindset, confidence, self worth and so much more. Her life coaching has been an incredible addition to the way I live my life, I cannot recommend or thank her enough!

She truly allows me to live an aligned life.

Dr. Tonya

Tiffany is a sounding board for questions and concerns and is always willing to tell me how it is or calm me down, when my mommy nerves get a little out of control. Tiffany is amazing to work with, has a great business brain, and is full of ideas. Her business runs like a well-oiled machine and it has been a privilege to work with her and her team. Any new or seasoned entrepreneur would be lucky to learn from her.


Tiffany helped me change my mindset which transformed my life. She did that by first challenging me to identify the negative thoughts that were holding me back. I was able to see a clear path to my purpose. I gave up my safe agency job and started my own consulting business where I could create the rules.

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I’m a woman who wears many hats, juggler of all the things, just like you — mom, wife, friend, business owner and more. I’m also a chiropractor, podcaster, writer, speaker, and life and business coach and mentor. More importantly, I spark something in people that’s rarely been lit before. This innate way of unleashing your own personal power. And once it’s out there, the badass breakthroughs begin!

I built trust through sharing my own life experiences, even the really shitty ones. Being a mentor and guiding others as a coach means I open my own vault so you can be victorious. I know it’s hard to think that you are capable of winning in all areas of your life, but you are and it’s freaking go time!

There's untapped genius living inside of you. I’ll ask the tough questions. I’ll mentor you to bring your vision down to the ground and make it wildly successful in the real world by coaching you on the how

Think of how different your life would look and feel if you trusted your intuition, defined your values, know your life path, set boundaries with yourself and others, got unstuck, let your true unbridled personality shine, leveled up your emotional intelligence, and set goals and achieved them, ALL of them. 

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Quit dipping your toes in the water and TAKE THE LEAP!!