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Have you given up on your dreams because someone told you that you're selfish just thinking about yourself?  Here's the good news.  It's easy enough to change.  You just need a roadmap.  That's where I come in.


You are starting to wonder if this is all there is but you feel guilty and greedy thinking that.
Your identity is so tied to your career that you don't feel like people really know you, the real you.
 Has hustle and the grind gotten you to where you are, but you're at a standstill now?
 You want time with your family + building your legacy but can't find time for both.
You feel guilty for wanting more, for never doing enough, for letting others down ... ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME.
 You thought you were on the right track, but now you're further away from your goals. Now what? 

Your life isn't really like your Insta Story...

♥ Imagine making intentional decisions and having the courage to step out of fear of what they may think or say.
♥ Imagine believing that never settling for average is BRAVE not selfish.
♥ Imagine a group of driven women from all walks of life, challenging, supporting and inspiring you.
♥ Imagine not letting your BS excuses hold you back anymore.
♥ Imagine making decisions while trusting your main voice, INTUITION, and never question yourself again. 
♥ Imagine living with total confidence and certainty that you're making an IMPACT on the world with your gifts.
♥ Imagine creating a roadmap so you know, with CLARITY, what to fill your days with!

Well, my dear ... IMAGINE NO MORE!



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Kellee Hann

Dr. Tiffany has been a powerful and positive influence in my life for a good 10 years. Her no-nonsense and no-excuses approach to life is what we all need, when we need that occasional kick in the pants and/or jump start! When it’s time to make a serious shift in your life, you can count on Dr. Tiffany to help navigate that new terrain! 

Amanda Stapp

Thank you so much for providing your time and energy to provide me with the tools to change my life. This has been a challenging yet extremely rewarding and life - changing experience. And it's only just the beginning ... I feel like my world is opening up to new possibilities because of the shift that is taking place inside of me. Thank you for seeing something in me that I couldn't see myself.

Steph Lauritsen

Over the past few years I’ve been mentored and coached by Tiffany in a few different settings including workshops, group coaching and engagement in her online community. I compare my experiences with her to a really good personal growth book. You know the kind. One of those books that as you are reading it, you think to yourself that once you finish the last page you should just start right over at the beginning. Each and every time you read the pages, you find another nugget of wisdom. Another quote that makes you realize you aren’t alone in this crazy world. One more tool you can use in your every day life to help you feel more centered. That’s what learning from Tiffany is like, I just keep coming back for more. Following her advice has helped me develop into a better mom, wife, business person, friend and woman. When I’m actively learning from her I have more clarity and confidence. She has challenged me to face my past, create a vision for my future and live in the present. Her leadership and guidance have helped me become just a smidge better version of myself, each and every day. And to top it off, she’s hilarious and real, what more could you ask for?!

Karli Moch

I have been seeing Dr. Tiffany at Healing Touch Chiropractic since 2007 for my adjustment needs. She has an incredible approach to Chiropractic that I have yet to see with anyone else, in which She uses intuition to adjust and heal all of her patients which is so refreshing.

Since being adjusted with her method, I feel immediate relief each time I am there and have seen and felt the proof of her healing in so many ways.

Dr. Tiffany is so much more than a Chiropractor, she truly heals you from the inside out with an approach of growing my mindset, confidence, self worth and so much more. Her life coaching has been an incredible addition to the way I live my life, I cannot recommend or thank her enough!

She truly allows me to live an aligned life.

Heather Morris

Not only am I getting adjustments 2x a week, which have made a huge difference in my body – I CAN MOVE MY NECK!! – but also in my mind. I feel more balanced and calmer and not as stressed as before, even though I had a job change which is definitely taking me out of my comfort zone! But I also joined one of her recent “life sessions” and use that work daily – my one take away that I wanted to prioritize for myself was  ACCOMPLISHMENT! I don’t just use it for work or the “BIG” things, I use it when I am feeling lazy or tired and need a push – even getting the laundry from three days ago put away is an ACCOMPLISHMENT. I am looking forward to her next sessions. As much as I like to be the positive motivating person – Dr. Tiffany makes me focus on myself rather than how I can contribute to others … which is hard but needed!

Dr. Tonya Loken

My favorite part about working with her is her belief in my body’s ability to do what it needs to do to heal and be whole. She has the ability to shift the body towards health with her touch, which we have lost in todays medical care. She is a sounding board for questions and concerns and is always willing to tell me how it is or calm me down, when my mommy nerves get a little out of control. I know that without a doubt my son’s health is attributed to the work she has done for him. I am proud to say that he is 2.5 years old, has never been on antibiotics, has never had an ear infection or sinus infection, and is ahead of his peers in development, meeting all of his milestones, not skipping them.

Professionally Dr. Tiffany is amazing to work with, has a great business brain, and is full of ideas. Her business runs like a well oiled machine and it has been a privilege to work with her and her team. Any new or seasoned entrepreneur would be lucky to learn from her.

"At my core I know that the body is brilliant, not broken." - Dr. Tiff


I’m Dr. Tiffany – a Wife, Mom , Chiropractor (and a bunch of other roles), Writer, Podcaster, Truth Teller. Working with families for 15 years, I've seen miracles I didn't know possible. I've seen lives be saved and lives be changed and if there's three things I've learned:

  ♥️ Always have HOPE
  ♥️ Never underestimate the power of the body
  ♥️ Never EVER underestimate the power of the mind

Transforming Lives is my mission and for years, I've transformed through the adjustment, through Chiropractic. We are meant to be connected, aligned and full of life, not sickness and sadness. Now I get to work outside of my four walls and impact your mind + body.

Your life is waiting for you to be ready, my friend. I can help you get there ♥️

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